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Problem with pests in or around Tulsa, OK? There's a reason customers trust Tulsa Pest Control Pro when there's a problem with pests that needs to be addressed. Tulsa Pest Control Pro is a local, reliable exterminator that can help you solve your pest control problem. We will exterminate or remove termites, ants, mice or rats, roaches, fleas, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, flies, moths, waterbugs, ticks, hornets, yellow jackets, boxelders, and other insects and critters.

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termite exterminator tulsa oklahoma

#1 Termite Removal Service in Tulsa, OK

Contact Tulsa Pest Control Pro for outstanding Termite Removal Services and Termite Prevention Service. Protect your property and keep your peace of mind with our excellent Termite Control Company in Tulsa.

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Professional Exterminator for Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Owasso, and surrounding areas in Oklahoma

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Ant Exterminator Tulsa OK

Ant Control in Tulsa

Ants can quickly become a big problem for homeowners. Once they find food, they quickly alert the rest of their colony, and if that food source is inside your home you can quickly find your living space overrun by unwelcomed guests. If you're having trouble with ants, contact Tulsa's #1 ant exterminators at Tulsa Pest Control Pro and let us handle your ant problem for you. Call for a free quote at 918-992-4821.

Ant Extermination Services

rodent control tulsa

Rodent Control in Tulsa

Mice and rats carry diseases and a set of sharp teeth! If you're having trouble with mice or rats in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Claremore or the surrounding areas, please give us a call and let us remove the problem mouse or rat and other critters plaguing your home. No matter what size the problem, our residential rodent control service can take are of it.

Rodent Extermination & Removal Services

roach exterminator tulsa

Roach Control in Tulsa

Roaches are disgusting creatures, and if you see one in your home, you can bet there's hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, more. Roaches tend to be very active in the dark as they search for food, and a roach will leave droppings all over everything it touches. A roach infestation in a home is no laughing matter - these are dirty bugs that can make you sick, and can even bite you while you're sleeping. Take care of your roach problem today by hiring us to take care of it for you.

Roach Extermination Services

flea extermination tulsa ok

Flea Control in Tulsa

A flea infestation is a terrible problem to have for any homeowner. Fleas lay eggs and multiply quickly, and flea eggs can be hidden under pet hear or even in the fibers of your carpet. A flea bit leaves an itchy sore that if left untreated can become infected and lead to further health problems. Protect the health of your family and pets with flea treatment from Tulsa Pest Control Pro. We will eliminate your flea problem in Tulsa, Bixby, Claremore, Owasso, and the surrounding areas. Call for a free quote at  918-992-4821.

Flea Treatment Services

wasp exterminator tulsa ok

Wasp Control in Tulsa

Wasps are abundant in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, and if you have wasps on your property all you have to do is contact Tulsa Pest Control Pro and your wasp problem will be taken care of. Wasps are very temperamental and territorial creatures. Not only is a wasp sting painful - many are allergic to wasp venom and need to be hospitalized when stung. Let us take care of your wasp problem in Tulsa, Collinsville, Coweta, New Tulsa, Jenks, or the surrounding areas today.

Wasp Extermination Services

tulsa silverfish exterminator

Silverfish Control in Tulsa

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that tend to be attracted to moist, damp areas like a basement or area of your house containing damp towels or a bit of water. Silverfish pose an allergy risk to humans, and can damage personal property by chewing through upholstery or paper. In large numbers silverfish especially pose a risk of property damage to your home. Is your house plagued by silverfish? Let us take care of your silverfish problem in Glenpool, Sand Springs, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas with our professional pest control service.

Silverfish Extermination Services

brown recluse exterminator tulsa ok

Brown Recluse Control in Tulsa

Brown Recluse Spiders are dangerous, unwanted pests that can cause serious injury, illness, and even death in some rare cases. Brown Recluse Spiders have a necrotic venom that literally rots tissue in makes contact with. If you suffer a brown recluse bite, visit your local emergency room and seek treatment immediately. If you find a brown recluse in your home, seek professional pest control treatment from Tulsa Pest Control Pro immediately! Call us today at  918-992-4821 or fill out the free quote form on this website.

Brown Recluse Spider Extermination Services


  • Bed Bugs, Termites, Ants, Wasps, Stink Bugs, Boxelders, Rodents & More
  • 100% Up-Front Pricing
  • Preventative Services
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Pest Control, Animal Control Services in Oklahoma

earwig exterminator tulsa ok

Earwig Control in Tulsa

In ancient Europe, earwigs were said to crawl into people's ears while they were sleeping and burrow into their brains - hence the name earwig. Luckily, earwigs don't really do that, but they're still unwanted guests in a residence. Earwigs are easily identified by the large pinchers on the back on the earwigs body. Earwigs tend to prefer moist areas and earwigs like to cluster together in large numbers. They can be serious garden pests and an infestation calls for professional pest control service like that offered at Tulsa Pest Control Pro.

Earwig Extermination Services

fly extermination tulsa ok

Fly Control in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to many different types of flies the most common being cluster flies, house flies, and fruit flies. No matter the species of fly, all are pesky and none are welcomed in your home. Having trouble with flies? Contact Tulsa, OK's #1 fly removal experts at Tulsa Pest Control Pro. Our friendly exterminators will take care of your fly problem in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, or the surrounding Oklahoma areas. We are experienced fly extermination experts, and will leave your residence a fly-free zone. Contact us today for a quote at 918-992-4821.

Fly Extermination Services

tulsa moth exterminator oklahoma

Moth Control in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to a number of different types of moth: Armyworm Moths, Casemaking Clothes Moths, Indian Meal Moths, Pantry Moths, Webbing Clothes Moths, and more. A moth infestation is annoying and moths are infamous for ruining the materials in furniture, clothing, fur, feathers, silk, and more. If you're suffering from a moth problem or moth infestation, contact our friendly professional exterminators. We will eliminate your moth problem with our specialized moth treatment.

Moth Extermination Services

pool bug exterminator tulsa oklahoma

Waterbug Control in Tulsa

Waterbugs taking an unwelcomed swim in your pool or other water source around your home? If you see bugs in your water, let our professional pest control experts come evaluate your waterbug problem and offer advice on your best course of action. Contact the professionals at Tulsa Pest Control Pro to take care of your waterbug problem in Tulsa, Owasso, Claremore, or the surrounding areas in Oklahoma. Call us today for a free quote at 918-992-4821.

Waterbug Exermination Services

tick exterminator tulsa ok

Tick Control in Tulsa

If you live in Oklahoma, you've encountered ticks. Ticks are abundant in Tulsa and are known not only to cause irritating bites that require first aid, but also carry serious diseases that pose a major health risk. Numerous cases of tick fever, Lyme disease, and many other ailments are linked to tick bites. If you have ticks on your property treatment is needed immediately. Let us take care of your tick issues in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for tick treatment from Tulsa Pest Control Pro. Call us today for a free quote at 918-992-4821.

Tick Extermination Services

hornet exterminator removal tulsa oklahoma

Hornet Control in Tulsa

If you have a hornet nest on your property, do not approach it! Hornets will attack anything, human or animal, that gets near their nest. Hornets can attack in swarms can permanently injure or even kill the object of their wrath. A hornet nest on or near your home is a problem you can't afford to ignore. It is only a matter of time before hornets will attack your loved one or pet. Protect your family from hornets by calling the professional pest control experts at Tulsa Pest Control Pro. Get your free quote at 918-992-4821.

Hornet Extermination Services

yellow jacket extermination nest removal tulsa ok

Yellow Jacket Control in Tulsa

Did you run across an underground yellow jacket nest on your property? Yellow Jackets are especially aggressive, and if you have a nest on your property you are hosting THOUSANDS of these nasty insects. Yellow Jackets are territorial and will sting to defend their nest. If you find a nest on your property, please stay away from it and call the experts at Tulsa Pest Control Pro to take care of your yellow jacket problem. As long as a yellow jacket nest is present, your family will not be safe from a yellow jacket attack. Contact us today to take care of your yellow jacket problem with our professional yellow jacket extermination.

Yellow Jacket Extermination Services

boxelder control tulsa ok

Boxelder Control in Tulsa

Boxelder bugs are a nuisance insect that tend to invade homes and other indoor spaces when the weather begins getting colder in the fall. They emerge again when the weather warms back up in the spring. Boxelders aren't particularly dangerous and they don't bite, but they are a nuisance as they can invade indoor spaces in large numbers. Boxelder bugs can be an annoyance in the garden as well. If you're suffering from a boxelder problem, contact Tulsa Pest Control Pro and we will take care of it for you. Serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Boxelder Extermination Services

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