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Unfortunately, Tulsa and ticks go together like cream and sugar goes with coffee. Ticks are here, they are numerous, and nobody likes them. A tick bite causes an itchy sore that can become infected, and a tick bite also carries with it the possibility to spread disease. Lyme disease, rocky mountain tick fever and other ailments can be caused by a simple tick bite.

Ticks tent to nest where they can have access to prey. Don't let your children, your pets, or yourself become a victim of a tick bite. Protect your home and your family from ticks by hiring Tulsa Pest Control Pro to eliminate your tick problem for the season.

At Tulsa Pest Control Pro, we love killing ticks. Whether you live in Tulsa, New Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Owasso, Catoose, or the surrounding areas in Oklahoma, we can help you drive the ticks and termites away.

Our spray treatment is safe for our children and pets, and our preventative powder treatment is too. We will eliminate your tick problem and help you manage the tick population on your property. If you're having a problem with ticks in Tulsa, Tulsa Pest Control Pro can help. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and know how much you hate ticks. We hate ticks too. Let us share our professional expertise when it comes to tick extermination with you. We are Tulsa's #1 tick exterminator. Contact us today to kill the ticks that are bothering you. Call 918-992-4821

You can also fill out the free quote form on this website and one of our friendly pest control experts will get in touch with you.

Kill ticks - contact us. Tulsa Pest Control Pro.

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